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Woodbridge Recreation Department Offers Virtual Zumba Classes | Bethwood

Join Zumba instructor Ali Bailey on Tuesdays October 6 through November 24 or Thursday October 8 through December 3 (no class 11/26) ...

2020-09-22 patch.com


Kedma gets students moving through the fall semester

7, Kedma hosted a virtual Zumba event to bring the community together and support a local charity. As the fall semester kicks off, classes are ...

2020-09-22 umdmitzpeh.com


?We could not go out without dancing?: Zumba instructor honored at surprise outdoor class after cancer diagnosis

'We could not go out without dancing': Zumba instructor honored at surprise outdoor class after cancer diagnosis. By Kyle J. Andrews. September ...

2020-09-22 www.washingtonpost.com


Body positive: Towson Y Zumba instructor comes to terms with terminal cancer diagnosis

One of her biggest supporters is Kirsten Ledford, who began teaching Zumba at the Y in 2012. Ledford describes Burns, 55, as being ?real? and ...

2020-09-22 www.baltimoresun.com


How to deal with COVID-19? A Zumba? Ambassador reveals the secret!

Now Zumba? has locations in over 150 countries spread across the world. - Advertisement -. While usually, a regular gym has around 40 visitors ...

2020-09-22 newslanded.com


Watsonville's Mayor Boogies At Virtual Zumba Classes ...

Every Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m., Watsonville Mayor Rebecca Garcia steps out of the political arena and onto the dance floor for a Zumba ...

2020-09-22 patch.com


First Time Flying Open Cockpit

Open-cockpit Zumba, though, could be an interesting first. Point is, if you need a point to fly with your head poking outside the fuselage, then open ...

2020-09-22 www.avweb.com


Genesis Joy House holds fundraising event to help homeless female veterans

Genesis is the first transitional housing facility in Houston County and Saturday they held a Zumba charity fundraising event. They have been ...

2020-09-22 www.13wmaz.com


Dallas Hosts Virtual Events, Celebrates Welcoming Week by ?Creating Home Together'

... on Wednesday, Marvin Jimu, a member of the Refugee Services of Texas and a certified Zumba instructor, will host a virtual Zumba class.

2020-09-22 www.nbcdfw.com


Women who inspire: Black and Latina entrepreneurs who are excelling amid COVID-19

?Zumba, MixxedFit and personal training via Zoom were the ways to go,? she said in an interview with Essence. Williams now offers virtual ...

2020-09-22 www.nbcnews.com

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