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Slack strikes another blow to phishing with verification feature

... a hacker could hijack incoming webhooks a tool to import posts from ... can counteract this by invalidating publicly exposed webhook URL.

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Integrating the MongoDB Cloud with Amazon Kinesis Data ...

The webhook parses the JSON message from Kinesis Data Firehose and ... For MongoDB Realm Webhooks HTTP Endpoint URL, please enter ...

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Slacks Incoming Webhooks Can Be Weaponized in ...

Webhook URLs are considered secret. however, researchers found ... step is to message the #general channel linked to the webhook URL.

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Slack Incoming Webhooks can be used to phish users

Using those public URLs, Slack webhook phishing with Slack Apps becomes possible. The process involves discovering leaked webhooks. ...

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Slack users could fall victim to mass phishing attacks

All they need to know is the channels webhook URL. Despite the fact that Slack webhooks are supposed to be secret, the researcher managed to ...

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Comment publier les articles de son flux RSS sur Mastodon avec IFTTT ?

Cherchez donc le service Webhooks et cliquez dessus pour ... Dans URL, vous allez devoir ajouter lURL vers lAPI de votre instance ...

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Webhooks: The Building Blocks of an Event-Driven Architecture

To help enhance developer experience, TypeForm has since added a Test Webhook button on it platform. When someone puts in a URL, an ...

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A step-by-step guide to building your first Telegram bot

In our example, the route function responds to a URL which is ... the Webhook of Telegram, basically telling Telegram to call a specific link ...

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How to manage Kubernetes Secrets with Akeyless Vault

This plugin leverages the Kubernetes Mutating Admission Webhook to ... On the other hand, the custom JWKS URL refers to the URL for the ...

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