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How KFC became a Christmas tradition in Japan

In Japan, it is customary to eat chicken at Christmas, says the 30-something Japanese woman. Every year, I order the party barrel and enjoy it ...

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How KFC became Japans traditional Christmas food with millions wolfing down buckets

How KFC became Japans traditional Christmas food with millions wolfing down buckets KFC is the meal of choice for the Japanese at Christmas.

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The weird world of Christmas traditions

On one level, Japan appears to have embraced Christmas with great zeal, with illuminated Christmas trees and light shows common in major ...

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Denvers Obon, or Bon Odori festival, has gone virtual due to ...

Obon originated as a festival in the Buddhist tradition in Japan and ... and Obon to being like Christmas and Easter for the Japanese-American ...

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Disney+ Now Streaming Halloween Collection...in August

Perhaps Disney heard about Japans tradition of telling ghost stories in ... watched this darkly hilarious Halloween and Christmas film by Henry ...

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Kris Jenner Once Bought Chicago West A $3,500 Louis Vuitton Music Box

... it appears as if she is passing her tradition of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and ... I got these for all of the baby girls in the am for Xmas from Japan, ...

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How a White Lie Gave Japan KFC for Christmas

Japan. As with most Christmas traditions, it all started with a marketing campaign. For years, English-language media cited company ...

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A history of accomplishments from every first lady

Julia Tyler established a key presidential tradition, insisting that Hail to the Chief ... and started the tradition of a lighting a decorative Christmas tree. ... with a British ambassador about the Russo-Japanese War and provided ...

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The curious tale of how Japan got hooked on KFC at Christmas

But there is one tradition that makes a strong case for being the strangest. Advertisement. Each Christmas Day, the Japanese get KFC. To ...

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Every December, Japan Is Awash in Elegant Christmas Cakes

Japanese Christmas cakes are quite different from the long-keeping holiday sweets that are traditional in many Western countries.

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