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There is no shortage of common words and phrases with racist connotations

... examples of popular idioms and expressions with racist connotations or ... The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer.

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Capture the lessons of the crisis for post-pandemic success

Business strategy is largely a logical, top-down, defined process based on ... negative connotations that sometimes affected team dynamics and trust. ... That restructuring could, for example, include keeping connection and ...

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The people fighting light skin bias

One study, for example, found a correlation between symptoms of ... and there are lots of connotations of [people who have darker skin tones] being ... that ranged from fair and wheatish to dusky (meaning dark), and then ...

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How the Karen meme evolved from entitled mom to mask-off racist

While the memes meaning was still somewhat malleable during the first ... The way that people are using Karen now still has a connotation of the ... and racial tensions ignited nationwide, examples of such Karen-ing from all ...

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Everyday words and phrases with racist and offensive backgrounds

Perhaps peanut gallery has all this other meaning that has nothing to do with ... Instead of referring to someone as a blind person, for example, youd ... say that they are racist, but they certainly have a racial connotation..

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Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Creator Of BoJack Horseman, Reflects On The View From Halfway Down

I mean, I guess it would be nicer to have one, then not have one, I suppose. ... For example, we introduced this idea of a book that Bojacks dad wrote ... so we really tried to avoid, early on, making specific connotations to race.

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Susan B. Anthony pardon: Give her a Hollywood biopic instead

Consider, as an example, the Winston Churchill/Harriet Tubman ratio. ... minds over the psychological connotations of The Phantom Thread, imagine ... in which Keller finally understands the meaning of the letters Sullivan is ...

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The Mystery of Okus Bokus

For example, according to one native speaker of Kashmiri, the word su he refers to ... while the meaning of the reduplicated form kic-kic (alternating with khic-khic in ... In its modern English connotation, hocus pocus refers to ...

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Moving Beyond Psychiatric Diagnosis: Lucy Johnstone, PsyD

For example, it is not statistically normal to believe that men in red cars are ... This was our starting point for the Power Threat Meaning Framework. ... with all the usual connotations of those terms in Western societies.

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Hush money? How compensation can leave child abuse survivors with mixed feelings

This means the church could be forced to pay out 200 million as redress to ... Sometimes, churches or voluntary organisations, for example, may be required to ... Some saw payments as holding very negative connotations.

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