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Risk of Colorado River shortage is on the rise, could hit within 5 years, officials say

... at Hoover Dam are working by helping to boost the level of Lake Mead, ... Burman said because of the drought agreements, the region made ...

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The Trump Administration Is Advancing Clean, Reliable, and Affordable Hydropower

The Hoover Dam was built in less than 5 years, which is less time than we currently spend completing an average environmental review for a ...

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Major project at Hoover Reservoir to keep water flowing

The reservoir created by the dam provides water to the Hap Cremean Water Plant, which in turn supplies water to more than 600,000 ...

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Glen Canyon Dam tapped for emergency water releases to meet California power demands

Neither increase in flow caused very discernible changes in water levels ... Hoover Dam in Nevada and Flaming Gorge Dam in northeastern ...

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David C. Henley: 9/11 hijackers visits to Nevada remain a ...

... Las Vegas to scout and plot further airborne assaults by their colleagues in the Middle East on Hoover Dam, iconic Las Vegas hotel-casinos, ...

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US budget deficit the year you were born

Given the uncertain circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ... The same year, the Hoover Dam was completed, helping to distribute water to ...

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New agreement boosts hydropower, supports energy production

Burman said Hoover Dam showed the country what human ingenuity can do, but in the 21st century we need to continue to invest in resources ...

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QAnon crimes: US allegations linked to conspiracy theory and followers - Insider

QAnon was built upon Pizzagate, the 2016 conspiracy theory that led a ... connecting Arizona and Nevada near the Hoover Dam in June 2018.

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Eric Trumps RNC 2020 speech had something rare: Policy substance

Using imagery of the Hoover Dam and Mount Rushmore, Trump's ... from the rhetoric tailor-made for Trump fans heard on Monday night.

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Work on the Hoover Dam, built by ArcelorMittal predecessor Bethlehem Steel, started 90 years ago this week

'All in all, it took 96 million pounds of steel and metal to create this man-made wonder,' Johnson said. 'Hoover Dam solved a significant problem, ...

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