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Lack of Human Capital is Holding Back Latin Americas Growth

In 1990, Latin Americas average GDP per capita was a little over a quarter of the United States income level, while emerging and developing ...

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Four key takeaways from the report on Americas coronavirus-hit GDP

Four key takeaways from the report on Americas coronavirus-hit GDP. The US has recorded its biggest shrinkage ever and without ...

us gdp 2020-09-14 www.theguardian.com


US economy posts its worst drop on record

New York (CNN Business) The US economy contracted at a 32.9% ... Between January and March, GDP declined by an annualized rate of 5%.

us gdp 2020-09-14 www.cnn.com


What to Expect From the Worst GDP Report Ever

Since the trough, Americas recovery over the past few months has been robust in some sectors, most notably retail sales, but much weaker in ...

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Lets Look Beyond GDP to Rebuild Latin America

But Latin America and the Caribbean are certainly not alone as we face the challenges imposed by the pandemic. The spread of the new ...

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Fact check: U.S. GDP drop in 2020s second quarter is the worst in modern history

The claim: U.S. GDP quarterly drop worst since the Great Depression. As Americas summer plods along amid a historic pandemic, national ...

us gdp 2020-09-14 www.usatoday.com


Big Tech Earnings Surge as Economy Slumps

The U.S. economys contraction in the second quarter was the worst on ... the standard way of reporting quarterly economic data, G.D.P. fell at a ...

us gdp 2020-09-14 www.nytimes.com


Americas Suburbs, an Election Battleground, Now More ...

WASHINGTON Americas suburbs were key to Donald Trump ... The U.S. suburbs GDP share has not been growing, at least before the ...

us gdp 2020-09-14 www.nytimes.com


Coronavirus: US economy sees sharpest contraction in decades

But as virus cases in the US surge and some areas re-impose restrictions on activity, the rebound is showing signs of stalling. US GDP chart.

us gdp 2020-09-14 www.bbc.com


Localized GDP numbers find several counties on brink of ...

It was little surprise when, in July, the U.S. experienced a record-shattering 32.9 percent decline in second quarter GDP. (Some experts, in ...

us gdp 2020-09-14 www.mpamag.com

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