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Blood tests show promise for early Alzheimers diagnosis

The disease is currently the most common cause of dementia in older adults. ... These changes can lead to a progressive decline in memory and thinking skills. Treatments dont yet exist to slow or reverse Alzheimers disease ...

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How the brains internal states affect decision-making

... an impact on thinking and decision-making. these are examples of internal states. ... Their observations on the effect of slow neural drift on subject ... Their discovery of how internal states cause the phenomenon of slow ...

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Root cause analysis: 3 common mistakes and strategies for ...

Using root cause analysis to identify the source of a medical device malfunction is often slow and unproductive. ... Pressure to move quickly can cause the RCA team to neglect critical thinking and planning and to avoid crucial ...

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How Trumps Attack on the Post Office Could Backfire

For the president to admit to deliberately trying to slow the mail process in ... Rubio: I think its one of the reasons why the Nixon administration ...

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How dangerous heat waves can kill

(THE CONVERSATION) Heat waves are the leading cause of weather-related ... fatal heatstroke is when someone is no longer thinking normally. ... we are now up against, not just the slow rise in average global temperature.

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Door makers quick thinking saves his life during horrific ...

Use your Slow Orbs instead when youre just trying to get away from an enemy. Using the Slows can also also give you a little extra time to ...

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Fighting injustice can trigger trauma we need to learn how ...

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a condition caused by exposure ... of our brain that gives us the ability to reason, think through consequences, ... times how do we slow down enough so that we can fully utilize our ...

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Horse finds solace at refuge - Nugget News

It can cause refeeding syndrome, and kill the horse in that condition. You start slow and give him small amounts of food (alfalfa hay) every few ... curious about what our rescued animals are thinking and or needing to say.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Press Conference with Stephen Kissler, 08/14/20 | News

So I think a lot of different things going on right now, of course, the opening of ... Its possible to prevent illness without necessarily doing much to slow down ... Are there any other common causes of death that are related to the ...

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For some COVID-19 survivors, serious problems continue long after the infection is gone

Just going on a walk causes shortness of breath and chest pain. ... I think that is the big take-home point, that COVID-19 disease is injuring the heart. ... novel coronavirus pandemic in March, he has been on a slow recovery.

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