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$3.9M Grant Given to Move Potential COPD Treatment to ...

We can only try to relieve symptoms, Holtzman said in a university press ... of mucus and excessive inflammation that can interfere with lung ...

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Temple Health testing RheOx, a new breakthrough treatment for chronic bronchitis and COPD - Moves in Medicine

Emphysema is the best-known form, but chronic bronchitis can be just ... and destroy the mucus-producing cells in the lining of the lung, says ...

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Drug development for severe respiratory diseases supported ...

But we have no effective treatments that address the root causes of ... We need a certain level of mucus to protect the lungs from viruses or ...

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Moderna investigational COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in mouse studies

... enhanced lung pathology or excessive mucus production, indicating the ... to advancing new and better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat ...

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Mucus in Your Chest: See 8 Different Causes (And How to ...

This is an inherited disease that results in thick mucus in the lungs and ... Some cough medicines contain guaifenesin, which loosens mucus so ...

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Cancer Cases in India Expected to Increase by 12% by 2025: Report

Cancers related to use of any form of tobacco were highest in the ... For cancers of the lung and the stomach, systemic therapy was the mode of treatment.

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Vest Therapy Lowers Risk of Hospitalization in Non-CF...

HFCWO is a technique for clearing airway mucus, which involves a specially ... on the number of antibiotic treatments taken for respiratory purposes, and rated ... you rate your ability to clear your lungs, increased from 13.9% to 76.6%. ... like hospitalization rates and when best to initiate this therapy in the ...

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Wet cough: What it means, treatments, and more

A wet cough is a type of cough that brings up fluid, such as phlegm. ... Coughing is a reflex that occurs in response to irritation in the throat or lungs. ... These medications work best for people who have a wet cough but are having difficulty ...

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Medicines that fight COVID-19: What to know

Analgesics help relieve mild to moderate pain from joint and muscle pain ... thin and loosen mucus, making it easier to expel this from the lungs.

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Cough Medicine: OTC, Prescription, Side Effects and Precautions | US News

You may have difficulty coughing up (expectorating) the mucus to clear your ... These cough medicines act to loosen and increase mucus flow in the lungs. ... A combination product can be the perfect remedy when you have ...

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