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Transcranial stimulation to prevent fear memories from returning

Every time an event is recalled in our memory, there is a limited period of ... be employed in different contexts and can assume a variety of functions, ... called State-dependent TMS over prefrontal cortex disrupts fear memory ...

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 www.eurekalert.org


Brain Stimulation Could Modify Fear Memories

Brain Stimulation Could Modify Fear Memories ... be employed in different contexts and can assume a variety of functions, starting from ... State-Dependent TMS over Prefrontal Cortex Disrupts Fear-Memory Reconsolidation ...

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 www.technologynetworks.com


Thinking Beyond the Database: Continuous Intelligence ...

Indeed, for applications dependent on generating responses continuously in real ... Moving state into memory enables faster analysis. ... data from a single source and analyzes its resulting state changes in the context of static ...

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 tdwi.org


From Metro funding crisis to teleworks rise, transportation is in historic turmoil

... in the Washington region more than any events in memory, officials and analysts say. ... The entire context for everything has just completely changed, said ... State and local governments are also hoping to receive federal aid in the ... where people are more car dependent, would only aggravate traffic.

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 www.washingtonpost.com


MCT: Tuesday, August 18, 2020

... of the past few days has meant rolling blackouts in many areas of the state. ... But all of us are overly-dependent on press releases from the usual subjects: the ... ADair and the AVA, theres little to no context, criticism, background, ... A JOG DOWN MEMORY LANE is former Mendo distance runner Jim ...

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Cell identity and nucleo-mitochondrial genetic context ...

Cell identity and nucleo-mitochondrial genetic context modulate OXPHOS ... T cells from naive to effector or memory, regardless of the immunization status. ... segregation is an intracellular event dependent on OXPHOS impact of the ... This hypothesis was supported by analyzing the steady-state levels of a ...

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 advances.sciencemag.org


This Week in Science

Shape memory alloys are superelastic, which means that they can ... by doping a special kind of correlated state called the Mott insulator. ... However, supporting empirical evidence is weak, particularly in the context of real-world conflict. ... cytoplasmic antibodydependent glomerulonephritis (ANCA-GN).

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 science.sciencemag.org


Heres why memories come flooding back when you visit places from your past

Its not just your physical location its a mental state that also comprises ... Context-dependent memory was confirmed by an ingenious 1975 ...

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 theconversation.com


Why where you learn matters

So, you may think you are focusing and storing in memory only the words of the ... Context and state dependency have been weakened.

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 www.tes.com


Wind River Analytics

Detailed memory, CPU, file system, and service state are gathered to ensure that ... is enriched to provide context beyond the metric and timestamp and includes ... are dependent upon ultra-low latency communications (URLLC) access from ...

context dependent memory 2020-09-14 www.windriver.com

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