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Qualys Multi-Vector EDR: Protection across the entire threat ...

This integration unifies multiple context vectors like asset discovery, rich normalized software inventory, end-of-life visibility, vulnerabilities and ...

2020-09-22 www.helpnetsecurity.com


Topographic (with Contours) Multisource vector tile layers

Esri Vector Basemaps provide users with a rich collection of map styles to choose from. The vector tile format allows for a nearly unlimited amount ...

2020-09-22 www.esri.com


[Interview] Schmidt Workshops Discuss Paradox Vector's ...

First, the style of vector graphics has been on my mind since the 1980s. I guess 3D graphics kind of took up where vectors left off, but there was ...

2020-09-22 bloody-disgusting.com


The recent attack on Tesla open a dangerous threat vector

... the Tesla attack ushers in a new threat vector. ?As the threat landscape continues to get nastier by the day, ransomware attacks like the one ...

2020-09-22 www.securityinfowatch.com


Vector-Based Vaccines Come to the Fore in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adenovirus vectors deliver the genetic instructions for SARS-CoV-2 antigens directly into patients' cells, provoking a robust immune response.

2020-09-22 www.the-scientist.com


Black Hat Conference: Multi-Vector EDR, With Qualys

Shimel: Fantastic. Thanks, Sumedh. Thakar: Okay, so I'm going to do a demo of the multiple vectors that go into the multi-vector EDR ...

2020-09-22 securityboulevard.com


Mosquito-borne Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus: What to know

melanura is not considered to be an important vector of EEEV to humans because it feeds almost exclusively on birds. Transmission to humans ...

2020-09-22 www.clickondetroit.com


HP Omen Vector Wireless Mouse Mini-Review

When the opportunity to try out HP's new Omen Vector Wireless mouse arrived on my inbox, I knew it would be a good opportunity to see if past ...

2020-09-22 www.techspot.com


HP Omen Vector Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: Battery Life ...

The HP Omen Vector is great for a reliable wireless connection that'll last long. It may not be the most exciting mouse and lacks features, like ...

2020-09-22 www.tomshardware.com


HP?s Omen Vector Wireless is a long-lasting mouse with USB-C charging

What stands out about the Vector Wireless is its USB-C charging port that, beyond being convenient, allows for very fast charging speeds. HP ...

2020-09-22 www.theverge.com

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