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Mea Culpa: A nation left dangling by a rogue participle

We had a dangling participle in the first sentence of an editorial last week: ?Emerging, submarine-like, for a photo op at a Covid-secure cabinet ...

2020-09-22 www.independent.co.uk


Letters: Congress needs oversight of postmaster general appointment. India Ochs. and more from readers | READER COMMENTARY

Or maybe a ?dangling participle?? Sometimes, spellcheck isn't enough. JANE BACHNER. Latest Letters.

2020-09-22 www.capitalgazette.com


Back in the day: the thrills and terror of driver's ed class

Teacher: ?I read your column, Shelley. You're punctuation is off and you're dangling participles again. I'm calling your mother!? Whew! I'm glad ...

2020-09-22 www.starbeacon.com


So ... | The Herald-News

Either way, using verbal tics as fillers is often a colloquial thing ? varying from region to region. Much like 'youse guys' and dangling participles: ...

2020-09-22 www.theherald-news.com


We read Michael Cohen's book on Trump so you don't have to. But you should.

He isn't always great with them ? the guy clearly needs to learn what a dangling participle is ? but there's a certain charm to his unvarnished ...

2020-09-22 mashable.com


A sporting style that some find singularly galling

I think I'd have called this a dangling participle. Either way, as Fowler says, these slip-ups ?seldom cause real ambiguity, but they jar?.

2020-09-22 www.thetimes.co.uk


A Word, Please: Offended by danglers like this one, simple solutions occur to her

When the single word is a verb participle in the form of an ?ing? verb, it's called a dangling participle. ?Gagging, the odor overwhelmed Carrie.

2020-09-22 www.latimes.com


WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE! Sit a spell, as I relay a primer on ...

DANGLING PARTICIPLES. Every once in a while, a reader will ask me about dangling participles or modifiers. You have a dangler when you ...

2020-09-22 www.arkansasonline.com


Iannuccilli: I Dangled a Participle

Take care to avoid dangling modifiers or you run the risk of giving your readers an unintended reason to laugh at your work. Don't dangle your ...

2020-09-22 www.golocalprov.com


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?s Tituss Burgess is thriving in isolation

And in fact, if you leave off so much as a dangling participle, you will go back, and you will get it right. And rightfully so?they don't need our ...

2020-09-22 tv.avclub.com

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