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New book details how Schiff outmaneuvered Nadler to become impeachment star

A new book details the saga that led to the impeachment trial of President Trump ... probe and its aftermath, all the way through the Senate vote that kept Trump in office. ... When Mueller came in and Nadler had promised this grand ... To do that, Pelosi needed to pick a group of impeachment managers to ...

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All the Republicans Who Have Decided Not to Support Trump

Some have even said that they will be voting for his Democratic ... the only Republican senator to vote to convict him during his impeachment trial. ... of the coronavirus led to a death toll that didnt have to happen. ... would support Mr. Trump if the president won the nomination (which was never in doubt).

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Impeach the Postmaster General, Heres Why

That surely implies the right to vote, even if specific limits on who could ... Senate would likely vote to acquit on any bill of impeachment that the ...

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Removal from Office

No member of the Senate can act or vote upon the impeachment, ... If two-thirds of the members elected do not concur in a conviction, the ...

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Republican Senators Misrepresent Their Own Russia Report

To hear Republican members of the Senate Intelligence Committee tell it, youd ... It is quite another for the Republican senators themselves to do soall ... If and when Barr comes forward with his theory of how the FBIs Russia ... try to reconcile the text of this report with their votes in the impeachment only ...

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What If Trump Wont Leave?

The new voting procedures implemented in response to Covid-19 will make ... What must we be prepared to do if Trump questions the legitimacy of the ... the failure to convict him in the Senate after the House impeached him.

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Why Congressional Efforts to Protect the Postal Service Are Proving So Ineffectual

Vote by mail will not overwhelm the post office, even if it has suffered some ... Of course, it may prove that recent events at the Postal Service have nothing to do with ... and if evidence emerges of an effort to affect the election, impeached. ... process, and conviction of any Trump ally in the Senate is doubtful.

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What the law can do to protect mail-in voting

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated the ... Of course, Congress also holds the Constitutional power to impeach for abuse of power. ... If the Administration stonewalls, as it has done in the past, then Congress must be ... on former White House counsel Don McGahn, what happens next

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US Senate Election Betting Puts GOP on Defense to Hold...

If all that works out (and nothing crazy happens in Texas, Michigan, ... That Jones voted to convict Trump on both impeachment charges isnt ...

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We better get worried if Bill gets silenced

Trump has weathered an impeachment scandal sparked by his demands ... hes very comfortable in his own skin and he is always going to do the right thing. ... Evanina was ultimately confirmed in May of this year, in an 84-7 vote. Senate Intelligence Vice Chair Mark Warner spoke glowingly of him on the ...

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