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Palo Altos Woke proto-Authoritarians | A Pragmatists Take | Douglas Moran

(foot#1) It was the attitudes and political philosophies of the supporters of ... to make valid arguments -- truth is irrelevant and The ends justify the means. ... Second, ^redlining^ is when an organization decides it will not do ...

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The 19th amendment means everything: 5 first-time voters on 100 years of womens suffrage and the 2020 election

What does the 19th amendment mean to you and how important is it for you to ... national leadership on and its from the impact of years of red lining and years ... The first one is how political candidates are setting up support ...

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How real estate redlining shaped Nashville

However, that does not mean that racial discrimination no longer exists, according to Trawick. Theres still a lot of racial discrimination, but those ...

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Trump repeals housing rule, amplifying appeals to racial bias

The new regulation from the Trump administration would allow local ... including mortgage redlining and providing housing assistance only ... Trumps similar fear-based appeals, Glotzer said, have been coded to mean race for so long ... could still find political success with a more narrow focus on housing, ...

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Its What We Call Reverse Redlining: Measuring the Proximity ...

The data in this article is drawn from a poll of 2,000 Black adults, gauging attitudes on a variety of social, political and economic issues. ... which required that these lenders ensure borrowers have the means to repay a loan.

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Redlining, racism and climate change: A history of ...

And we can see the intended results: redlined areas are poor, ... But solving the climate crisis is also going to mean restructuring our cities to ...

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Trumps strategy to win the suburbs with racial division has a big flaw

Trumps strategy is lifted right from what Richard Nixon did in 1968, when he ... from moving into white communities by government policy, redlining, ... would destroy the suburbs, which means that the suburbs only exist if ... But its effectiveness as a political message today is a fraction of what it once was.

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A Pastors Take: Repairing Democracy for Black Lives

By reparative democracy, I mean viewing politics and economics as ... which is racist capitalism and its associated harms, such as redlining, ...

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Black communities sidelined as slow streets reboot redlining

As with redlining, Black people and many communities of color have been ... Hugely popular with white urbanites, the slow streets are likely to stay, ... the street vendors whove served as a means for essential items, she said.

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What Does Black Lives Matter Mean?

Actually helping people is what supporting BLM means to me. ... gerrymandering and redlining are meant to silence black voices, that black ...

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