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About Bloody Time! is an intimate portrait of a menstrual ...

If anyone was going to do it, it would be you. ... The parts where About Bloody Time! really tells a new story are when Judkins ... Maybe its because its your vagina, and you want them to think its this pretty little ...

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Rubina Pabani and Poppy Jay on Brown Girls Do It Too: Im so tired of my honour and my shame being in my va

Brown Girls Do It Too is a candid look at the sex lives of South Asian women. ... Brown good girls arent meant to be talking about sex. ... tired of my honour and my shame, your honour and your shame being in my vagina.

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Energised Harvey thinking big when it comes to making Wickham Hall a top destination for work, rest and play

I think its the right thing to do. Obviously its cold and dark in the winter, but even then weve got heat exchangers and our solar still generates ...

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Ghost of Tsushima Reshapes A Real Place Into a Beautiful ...

Ghost of Tsushima captures a lot of what makes the island special, but it also ... a cave, but on Shiratake thats the shrine itself: a dark aperture in the rock where ... The other, where the cave shrine is, looks like a monumental stone vagina. ... Disbelief has to be suspended, and that can mean sanding away ...

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Types Of Vaginal Discharge: A Gynaecologist Explains

Since discharge does such a stellar job of cleaning your vagina, you dont ... That means no special products marketed towards making your vagina ... red, or brown discharge at any point in your cycle other than during your ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

It is important to know every colour that a discharge can take and what it means. This article will focus on the brown discharge and everything ...

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The meaning and outrage over Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallions WAP

Women are usually the subject of sexual fantasies, not in control of them. ... everyone else around us didnt mean we couldnt produce something special. You see, back in the dark days of the bubonic plague, a man named ... Doctors explained that vaginal discharge is designed to protect the body from ...

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3 Arkansans remember Boy Scouts as dark time

I knew I didnt want to do that. He decided on the second option. The man told him to place a cloth across his private area and start rubbing it, ...

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What are lightning sprites? | Earth

Did you know that lightning sprites like the one captured in the ... Imagine one electrical discharge spanning the distance from ... To photograph a sprite, you need a dark sky and a clear view toward a distant thunderstorm.

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Brown, update the Open Curriculum. DIAP shouldnt be optional

In the past few months, the University has been understandably ... this would mean students first WRIT course would be required to also ... and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation.

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Roisin Ingle: Im menstruating as I write this. And Im mad as all bloody hell

Why is everything to do with periods still embarrassing, offensive or over-descriptive ... You really do need to get tampons right up inside your vagina to ... would have had teenage me, wincing in the bathroom with bloody ...

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What the 19th Amendment means to me | Columnists ...

I wasnt thinking about Dora Lewis, who was led into a dark cell where ... too weak and gullible to merit that right and to discharge that responsibility. ... right to vote, we should reflect on the Night of Terror the inequalities and ...

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Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for August 15, whats in store for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo...

*Gemini (May 21-Jun 21): You must discharge your responsibility towards a ... Love Focus: You will need to do something about your personal ... group, if you dont want to be left groping in the dark when the time comes.

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ELDER: What the 19th Amendment means to me

ELDER: What the 19th Amendment means to me ... I wasnt thinking about Dora Lewis, who was led into a dark cell where ... and gullible to merit that right and to discharge that responsibility. ... And as civil unrest and calls for justice continue around the nation today, we should remember this march all ...

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