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Every Best Picture Winner of the 1960s, Ranked According to IMDb

Baxter (Jack Lemmon), a staid insurance salesman who does everything in his power to climb the corporate ladder. His brown-nosing includes ...

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Successions Matthew Macfadyen on His Emmy Nom and How the Tomlette Gets Made

Where do you think Shiv and Tom would be quarantining right now Theyd either ... You go from brown-nosing Logan to throwing shit at Greg. Precisely. ... I mean, I dont think he would get on with Sally Rooney, particularly.

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The Office: 10 Times Dwight Proved Himself Assistant (To The) Regional Manager

When Michael referred to him as the very definition of superlative in his last recommendation letter for him, he really did mean it. ... All this is obviously not brown-nosing, but reflects how deeply Dwight cared about Michael.

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South Africa is a nation of sycophants, brown-nosing is a culture

South Africa is a nation of sycophants, brown-nosing is a culture ... which means that the country destroys critical thinking and promotes a new ... are: Why do people decide to entangle themselves in a matter that did not need ... Not that people have no right to differ with a person, say Mazwai or anyone else ...

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What is simping, and what is a simp?

Someone stands in the frame, while a mashup of Rockstar by Post Malone ... Essentially, they give to get, even if it means losing some dignity or their ... If youre simping, youre embodying the values of the simp, and brown nosing to get ... This is due to an outdated idea that men can only do nice things for ...

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The Problem With Telling Sick Workers to Stay Home

People who do not (or cannot) stay home when ill do present a risk to others. ... Even if a person in one of these jobs is severely illcoughing, ... for time off means missing an hourly wage that might be necessary to pay ... In other places, employees bring their bug to work of their own volition, brown-nosing ...

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The Crazy Times manifesto

When McKinsey sent Tom and colleague Bob Waterman out to do the ... And if anyone looking at todays COVID-splattered landscape, this ... Never, and I mean never, use the excuse of following orders as the ... to playing politics and brown-nosing nearby senior management, is anything but self-evident.

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Not just pro-China, but anti-Filipino policies

... Collas-Monsod, Filipino, do register my vehement protest at the turn this government has taken, showing total subservience (brown-nosing is ...

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PoPville Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

I think I saw on the website that they do cats, but only in their office. ... Someone told her (probably not so nicely) that I have plans for grad school next year. She was incredibly encouraging, even if it means me leaving. ... Its professional brown nosing at its worst - as far as I can tell, this person has hit their ...

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Missing Person Appeal: Have you seen Whitbys Peter Brown?

This may mean he is confused about his name, address, family details, etc. He is very vulnerable. Our children and I are desperate to get Pete ...

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