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A Birthday at the Cemetery

My mother, daughter and I had just left my 40th birthday party, a girls-only ... I hadnt been to a party with so many of these women since wed attended ... now added to her request, You could say your prayers at the cemetery.

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Hanover Band mark their 40th anniversary at Arundel Festival

This is their 40th birthday, and their late founder Caroline Brown ... They are offering a string quartet series on August 22 at 6.30 pm. August 23 at ... for furlough because they were self-employed, and I have to say that the arts ...

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Ghislaine Maxwells Haunting 40th Birthday Present to Jeffrey Epstein

When I do those songsand I still occasionally do themmy preferred way of doing it is to speak with as many people as I can so I can get a ...

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Where Will Your Retirement Savings Be 10 Years from Now?

... goals for yourself, such as amassing $500,000 by your 40th birthday. ... But they are a better choice for projections than, say, a hopeful guess ...

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On Harry Potters 40th birthday, we could do with some Floo powder. Or a broomstick

Anything of the trolley, dears A little bit of everything, wed say.

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Gemma Collins vows to age reverse herself with non-surgical injections

In a slew of videos posted on social media, Gemma revealed shed be ... to reverse the signs of ageing ahead of her 40th birthday in January, and ... Looking younger: She added: A lot of people say to me Gemma you look ...

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Clarke Gayfords wish for Jacinda Ardern on her 40th birthday

Clarke Gayfords wish for Jacinda Ardern on her 40th birthday ... I dont really do these posts, but I think a bit of symmetry like the number 40 is ... also shared their birthday greetings with one saying: Thank you for being born.

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Whats in store (and in stores) for Apple this fall

I say traditionally because this year, well, everythings a little bit off-kilter. Still, it does seem as though the Cupertino-based company is getting its ducks ... The Mac may be approaching its 40th birthday, but as someone whos ...

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Tom Brady Wishes Gisele Bundchen Happy 40th Birthday in Sweet Video With Their Kids

In the sweet message, Brady gushed over the mom-of-three saying, To the love of my life, you inspire me to be the best person I can be. ... Its so fitting that on your 40th birthday, you chose to give back to our planet by ...

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Revamped Serve, Fresh Perspective: At 40 Venus Williams ...

Many players become stubborn as they get older, and play predictably ... half months a year, you get six weeks off but those six weeks are pretty much on ... Some say she has tinkered with her forehand stroke production as well as ... Williams continues to be an inspiration on tour beyond her 40th birthday.

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