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The Paleo Diet: Should Modern Humans Eat the Way Our ...

Some followers of the paleo diet believe that humans are genetically ... Filtering excess protein from the blood can put additional stress on the ...

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Bioinformatics and gene editing reshaping cell line dev ...

Computational analysis and gene editing will yield CHO cells able to ... proteins in our bodies are differently glycosylated depend on the cell ...

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Protein deficiency: 9 signs that show you need more protein

Do not panic, we are here to tell you about protein deficiency - signs to look out ... Yes, a blood test can reveal whether a person has enough protein in the body.

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Breaking Down Barriers in Proteomic-Based Drug Discovery

After all, proteins are the workhorses of cells and the targets of almost all ... SomaLogics technology will be applied to 40,000 samples, including ... of data to collect from the human body to understand its past conditions, ...

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New tools catch and release cellular targets at the flip of a light ...

The antibody-like proteins, called OptoBinders, allow researchers to rapidly ... OptoBinders can bind or release their targets in response to blue light. ... who noted that applying light inside the body would require a device such ...

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How to ramp up our bodys natural defences during a pandemic

The immune system is the bodys natural defence against infections ... Therefore, lack of proteins in our diet can lead to weakened immunity ...

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Flexible and protected: New findings on SARS-CoV-2 protein ...

The study gave surprising insights into the spike protein, including an unexpected ... development because it triggers an immune response in humans. ... on the surface structure of the virus to gain insights they can use for the ...

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Healing Foods: 10 Foods That Help Your Body Recover

Many foods, including fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein sources, have ... Here are 10 healing foods that can help your body recover.

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Scientists See Signs of Lasting Immunity to Covid-19, Even After Mild Infections

To the immune system, not all germs are equally memorable. ... the bodys most studious cells are doing their job and will have a good chance of ... Y-shaped proteins that can latch onto the surfaces of pathogens and block ...

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Scientists look to mussels feet to build a better adhesive

The new laser method can help scientists better understand shockingly cold ... Traditional funeral practices in Africa include washing and touching the body ...

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