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Delaware and hurricanes: What Tropical Storm Isaias reminds us about coastal risk

A major hurricane is a category 3 or higher, meaning the storm would ... calls with hurricanes in recent memory include Hurricane Sandy in ...

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Why its far too early to relax after Isaias caused so much damage in New Jersey

Tropical Storm Isaias on Tuesday brought rain, flooding and the most ... Major hurricanes Category 3, 4 or 5 storms, such as Sandy have ...

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Isaias leaves millions in the dark in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast after roaring up East Coast

The storm made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane at 11:10 p.m. ... Havent seen tree damage this extensive since Sandy.

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Isaias heads toward the Carolinas: Live updates

The storm is very near hurricane status, the center said. ... a strong tropical storm or a category 1 hurricane in terms of impacts, the center said. ... storm could bring the strongest winds to the metro area since Superstorm Sandy ...

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As bad as Tropical Storm Isaias was, heres why experts say N.J. dodged a bullet

... tropical storm winds range from 39 to 74 mph, Category 1 hurricanes ... Although Isaias wasnt as large as Superstorm Sandy, and its winds ...

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Tropical Storm Isaias ranks in top 5 all-time for devastating power outages, N.J. utility companies say

The storm that battered the Garden State on Aug. 4 ranks right up there with Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, according to PSE&.G and Atlantic City ...

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T.S. Kyle continues record hurricane pace, heres the forecast ...

Out of the 24, 12 hurricanes and 5 major, category 3 or greater (at least ... Tropical Storm Irene, Superstorm Sandy and Tropical Storm Fay, in a ...

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Storm Isaiass Most Damaging Winds Were on Its Right

The majority of the wind field was to the right of the storm center, said ... since Hurricane Sandyby then a superstormbrutalized the Northeast in 2012. Were trying to get people to make less of the hurricane category, ...

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Four of the Five Most Intense Mainland US Hurricanes Have Hit in a 17-Day Period. That Period Begins Next Week.

The typical frequency of named storms (in red) and hurricanes (in white) ... back to Hurricane Sandy in 2012 for an illustration of extreme storm surge ... the Florida Keys, the Category 5 Labor Day hurricane of 1935 is the most ...

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PSE&.G will pay some customers for lost food, meds after storm

PSE&.G will pay back some customers for lost food, meds after storm ... and medicine for past severe weather events, like Hurricane Sandy.

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Hurricane Sally makes landfall as a Category 2 storm near Gulf Shores, Alabama, threatening record floods

Hurricane Sally makes landfall as a Category 2 storm near Gulf Shores, ... Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson begged his constituents to stay ...

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Hurricane Sally strengthening as it inches toward Gulf Coast

... Sally strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 105 ... Hurricanes Paulette and Sally and Tropical Storms Rene, Teddy and Vicky ... Sandy Stimpson, the mayor of Mobile, Alabama, is urging people to ...

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Hurricane Sally brings fears of dangerous strong storm surge ...

Hurricane Sally brings fears of dangerous strong storm surge: What you ... Category 2 hurricane early Wednesday, is bringing dangerous storm surge to ... When Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey in 2012, many ...

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Get Informed: Hurricane Categories

Hurricane Sandy that struck New York and New Jersey in 2012 was at the strength of a category 1 storm. The storm surge associated with ...

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Hurricane Laura Kills at Least 6 People in Louisiana

Storms are rated by their maximum ... an hour, at the high end of the Category 4 range. ... (A 9-foot storm surge is nothing to shrug at: Hurricane Sandy's maximum surge ...

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Superstorm Sandy veterans are taking no chances with Hurricane Sally

After Tropical Storm Cristobal covered their lawn with water last month, Eddie and Pamela Vidros knew it will be worse this time.

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Five tropical systems are spinning in the Atlantic, here are the ...

Out of the 24, 12 hurricanes and 5 major, category 3 or greater (at least ... Tropical Storm Irene, Superstorm Sandy and Tropical Storm Fay, in a ...

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The striking shift in climate politics in a post-Sandy New York ...

When Hurricane Sandy made landfall just north of Atlantic City on the evening of Oct. 29, 2012, 80-mile-per-hour storm-force winds extended ...

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News On The Move: Hurricane Sally, Breonna Taylor settlement, Big Ten returns

ADAM SHAPIRO: Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the Gulf Coast ... the storm, which intensified from a category 1 to category 2 hurricane.

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What does a hurricane's 'category' mean, and how do ...

What do they mean, and what do they tell us about a storm? ... While Hurricane Sandy peaked at Category 3 intensity when it made landfall in ...

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