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How did we not know?' Neighbor reacts to discovering 12-year-old was beaten and starved to death

I wish I only knew a little bit, said Mandy Mease, who along with several ... It got to the point that if a ball went into the couple's yard, it would stay there to avoid ... They just can't believe a parent could do something like that..

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Man charged for allegedly running over his girlfriend intentionally, murdering her on her birthday

Her brother says if he only knew then what he knows now. I would've asked her why, you know, why didn't you speak up? ... They'd do anything to have one more day with her, one more chance to help her get out of her relationship.

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Former fireman battling cancer

Without our neighbors, it would have been very difficult to do. ... they were going to be able to do for him or if there was anything they could do. During one recent visit, family and friends were only able to gather atop a ... I could be close to Mike and I knew I could be there at the drop of a hat, but it was the ...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Press conference with Barry Bloom, 09/14/20 | News

BARRY BLOOM: Only to say that the simplest thing about vaccines is the following ... Let me ask a quick follow up question, if I could. ... essentially no credible data that would say this drug was going to do anything useful. ... When the president said we only have five cases and we knew that was off by a ...

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Dementia patients are dying from isolation amid coronavirus ...

If only Dan Goerke could hold his wife's hand. ... Goerke, 61, could tell the isolation was killing his wife, and there was nothing he could do but watch. ... More often than not, they would be greeted by the Denise they knew ...

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I always knew what I could do: Jolly looks to build on ...

I always knew what I could do: Jolly looks to build on breakout 2019 season ... In 2018, Jolly only made one tackle the entire season and most of his playing time ... If you have a good offseason it leads to a good season, Jolly said. ... Despite these high honors, Jolly isn't letting anything go to his head.

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If they only knew what could happen: Boynton pilot warns others to take COVID seriously after symptoms last for months

That's something he didn't do, and now he regrets it. I thought it was blown out of proportion, said the pilot, who asked to be identified by his first ...

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Life's Outtakes: We are family | Opinion

I was only twenty-five when I was hired to teach in the Math and Computer Science ... I knew that if I ever had a child admitted to the hospital, or had any other kind of ... It took all of us to convince him to go to a doctor to see if anything was wrong. ... Gordon felt he could do chemotherapy and still teach.

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Coronavirus: I got a job after 280 rejections

If you want an idea of just how tough the job market is right now, ask ... 'But I knew the tough time would end, and I would find work within six ... That's when she decided to 'broaden the search, applying for everything and anything'. ... 'The only thing I could do was reassure myself that I would find work, and ...

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Elon English professor's experience in quarantine

Patch knew that every time one of her students was in quarantine, she ... maybe we could do a little bit better for some people, if they needed it. ... shift for Patch was reimagining lessons that could only be done in-person.

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