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Inside the fight to save Houstons most vulnerable

A man recovers and goes home from the hospital but leaves his critically ill ... Ivans brother, Javier Sanchez, works part time at Methodist and wanted a chance to apologize ... Edwin was admitted to Methodist on July 9 and was put on a ... and required only a small flow of oxygen from a tube under his nose.

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Everybody Should See This Pain: On The Frontlines With ICU Nurses In Jackson Memorial Hospitals COVID Unit

Among the first victims of the virus was one of their own, longtime ... Daphne took her camera into the COVID unit where they all wear ... I have had moments where I stay away from home, just to be safe, weeks at a time, said Marta. ... You have them, you have an itchy throat, your nose starts to run, your ...

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What COVID Nurses Know

We didnt sign up for it, and there was a lot of grumbling, but everybody pulled together and we ... We created a COVID unit in the nursing home. ... Every single time, we had to just trial-and-error it. ... If they werent vented, theyd be on whats called a high-flow nasal cannula, which blows high-pressure oxygen up your nose.

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Photos: COVID-19 Survivors Journal Symptoms and After Effects

My hair is falling out, I cant eat and Im constantly dehydrated. ... Yet my oxygen levels were good, so I resisted going to the ER. ... for a abnormal EKG and blood so thick that they couldnt draw it to run tests. ... Ive tried Eucalyptus a few times it opens my nose and Im able to smell for a short period of time ...

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Canadas Drag Race Recap: When Life Gives You Lemon, Lemon Gives You Life!

Because fresh off a runway challenge that was garbage in so many more ... Priyanka confronts Ilona about constantly sucking the oxygen out of the ... in her nose like Gypsy Roses breathing tubes made me laugh a mighty, terrible laugh. ... theres no way this show was going to send home its protagonist.

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A young man, COVID and a coma. How the experience has changed his entire life.

Noe Gonzalez opened his eyes and knew he was in a hospital, but it ... After COVID hit, he was still promoting party after party, constantly ... Doctors assured her that her lungs were fine, so she went home and ... They gave her plasma from recovered COVID patients, but her oxygen levels continued to drop.

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Whats in that wildfire smoke, and why is it so bad for your lungs?

A wildfire was burning to the east of town one of dozens of fires that were ... up phlegm or blown your nose after being around a campfire and discovered black ... and disturb the air sacks where oxygen crosses over into the blood. ... The advice I gave my friend who had been running while smoke was in ...

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Voice Of Long Beach Grand Prix, Bruce Flanders, Dies At 75

Home News Obituaries ... Calling Flanders one of a kind, Michaelian said Flanders was ... His melodious voice is now stilled, but we will all remember his ... be the guy with the handlebar mustache and a hose up my nose. ... Flanders first time as play-by-play announcer at the Long Beach race wasnt ...

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How to help children adjust to masks, according to experts and parents

The teacher said they had a really hard time getting all the kids to wear ... It was a big challenge. ... Adjusting to face masks has been a challenge for many children ... which could also run the risk of increasing their chance of infection. ... A good fit happens when a cloth mask covers the nose and mouth and ...

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How the Pandemic Defeated America

Normal was a world ever more prone to a pandemic but ever less ready for one. ... Water running along a pavement will readily seep into every crack. so, too, did ... The indoor spaces in which Americans spend 87 percent of their time ... Even though a Seattle nursing home was one of the first COVID19 hot ...

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