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The Clear Skies Update Is Here In Dauntless And Ramsgate Has Never Looked Better

Great news for Dauntless players, as the Clear Skies update and Sword rework ... Although the changes to the Sword weapon have been eagerly ... weapon feel a bit like Strikers in its fundamental requirement of using quick, ...

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Dauntless Aether Strikers Weapon Guide

First of all, theyre fist weapons think fancy brass knuckles meaning you have to get right up close to do damage. Theyre also much more ...

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Aether strikers are Dauntlesss most technically difficult weapon to date

Dauntless is getting a new weapon set very soon: the aether strikers. Players have been waiting for a fisticuff-focused weapon for some time, ...

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Dauntless 1.0 Aether Striker First Impressions

The new Bounty System tends to make it easier but also really give you a reason besides upgrading gear to go out on a hunt. The Bounty System ...

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Coming Before long to Xbox Game Move for Computer system ...

Good friends, I hope you have some added area on your tricky drives ... Postmates, Dauntless, SMITE, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, and ...

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Master the Aether Strikers in Dauntless Latest Update

Youll receive your quest to unlock the Aether Strikers after progressing the Dauntless story to the City on the Verge quest. Upon completing it ...

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Why Dauntless is the Best Game to Keep in Touch With Friends While Quarantined

As another week of quarantine comes, us gamers suddenly have a lot of ... and the Aether Striker gauntlets work a lot like the Balrog weapons ...

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Dauntless update 1.30 introduces Call of the Void ...

Phoenix Labs have unleashed their latest major update for monster slaying ... The Trials aether strikers skins (Victorious and Champion) are ...

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Dauntless Aether Unbound Update Lands on PS4 Today

On the surface, aether strikers may appear to be mere gauntlets, but make no mistake: The strikers turn Slayers into living weapons. As you ...

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Monster Hunter World vs. Dauntless

Dauntless certainly doesnt have as many weapon types as its ... All of these sans the Aether Strikers were available at launch back in 2018, ...

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